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The Screaming Eagle Hunt Club

 The Hunt Club was initially started approximately ten years ago. Each November a group of former Soldiers who served together with C. Co. 1st, 506th, 101st Airborne Division during the Vietnam conflict, gather at the Screaming Eagle Hunt Club for a week of fishing, hunting, and fellowship. Most of these Eagles were members of the 3 rd herd (3 rd Platoon). These Warriors formed a bond with each other in the Spring of 1970.

The bond was cast during a time that the 101st Airborne Division experienced some of the heaviest combat endured during the War. As a result it has only strengthened in the forty (42) years that has passed since their sweat and blood was left in the jungle mountains of I Corp.

In Nov of 2010, during the Eagle annual hunt, it was agreed by all to start offering hunting opportunities to the Wounded Warriors that are returning from this Countries current conflicts. Each Eagle Veteran agreed that to have our new brothers of Military Service join us in hunting and fishing would not only be an honor but would offer all involved opportunities to share and help each other heal.

The hunts will take place on Gorlib Farm property, Tatum, S.C. and will include two nights lodging, home cooked meals, and individual guide services.  A combination of modified tree stands and ground blinds have been constructed to accommodate hunters and their guests.  

Due to a dramatic increase in the Wild Hog population within South Carolina a high percentage of successful hunting excursions are anticipated. 

The first two (2) guests, Alex Dengler (former U.S.M.C.) and Greg “Blue” Risner (former U. S. Navy) have set the bar for success with each of their hunts.  

Alex Dengler

"Blue" Risner

Snag and Missy extracting Blue's Wild Hog.

For additional information or to request a Wild Hog Hunt for a Wounded Warrior contact:

Steve Smith, GunTrain Retrievers
(843) 523-0386



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